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PT SWTS Batam is a subsidiary of SWTS Pte Ltd, Singapore. SWTS Batam is an ISO 9001:2015 certified technology service center setup to cater to Marine, Offshore and Process Industries. Strategically located closer to the shipyards, SWTS Batam specialises in engineering service solutions for marine and offshore sectors.

SWTS Batam has a state of the art HVAF (High Velocity Air Fuel) coating facility in Batam to meet the coating needs of the customers in marine and offshore segments. HVAF coating serves as a replacement for the environmentally hazardous chromium plating with much superior wear & corrosion resistant properties.

SWTS was set up in Singapore in the year 1973, growth from diversification has led the company to become a regional leader in providing multi-disciplinary engineering services and industrial solutions. From providing electrical and mechanical repair and services of rotating machines to stand-alone distribution sub-station equipment, SWTS has transformed to become an integrated regional network of interdependent repair and engineering facilities, offering complex drive system packaging and engineering design. 

Over time, SWTS has gained access to a global network of equipment suppliers to procure competitive, quality electrical drive systems, rotating machines, transformers, switchgears, monitoring & control devices and other electrical equipment to meet the stringent specifications and designs of marine and offshore exploration energy needs. SWTS engineers travel far and wide to inspect, test and commission the drive systems and power packages, both built by the company and others.

The transformation of the company in the last five decades has augured well for SWTS in keeping abreast with the changes in global demand for immediate, critical services. SWTS rapid expansion in the region has enabled the enlarged organization to continue to play active roles as crucial service provider in the new, bigger challenging operating domains.


To become the most preferred service provider in Marine, Offshore and Process Industry. 


We keep your plants and vessels running

Our Core Values


We take pride in our attention to detail and the quality of our work. We approach every task with discipline, patience, and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver the best possible results. We are focused on quality and never compromise on the standards we have set. Our commitment to doing things right drives us to continuously improve our skills and knowledge.


As a socially responsible company, we make decisions that take into account their impact on society, the environment, and future generations. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and are transparent in our dealings with all stakeholders. We believe that by acting ethically and responsibly, we can contribute to a better world.


At our company, we believe that work should be more than just a job. We approach every task and project with enthusiasm and dedication, striving to find joy and purpose in our work. Our passion drives us to exceed our customers’ expectations and continuously improve our skills and knowledge. We embrace a strong work ethic and create a positive work environment that inspires everyone to do their best.


We believe that work should be enjoyable and rewarding. We strive to create a positive and enjoyable working environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. We value a creative mindset, celebrate successes, and promote employee well-being. We believe that a fun and fulfilling work environment is essential for our employees’ happiness and success.

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